MEMORIA NORWAY is an expedition into an Arctic landscape. It is an artistic transformation of acoustic and visual impressions and memories. SpringerParker are using their artistic language to describe the Arctic region of North Norway. They are exploring and observing landscape and environment, focussing on the impact of climate change and industrialization. They are recording their impressions in the form of photos and field recordings, brass rubbings and stories: archives which serve as the source for live performances, exhibitions and publications. Meeting people is an essential part of the project. Musicians, artists, people from cultural and scientific organisations, ordinary people, they all have stories to tell about the environment they are living in. They become part of Memoria Norway.
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Memories are not independent images. From the moment they arise, they are continually compared to new experiences and related to new contexts. Whatever appears to be a momentary image on a photo, because it can be taken in at one glance, has nothing to do with the common experience of a linear and temporal sequence of events that normally determines our perception – where every moment has its past and also leads to a future, and therefore is in a permanent state of transition. Perception is the interplay of the organic recording apparatus of our senses and the psychical evaluation processes of our brain. Memory is not only the beneficiary of this evaluation, but as the root of experience also its prime guiding principle. In this sense MEMORIA can be understood as a poetic pictorial equivalent of memory, but not as its representation or even its explanation. By largely forgoing legible references to real objects, a state of permanent transition is revealed beyond the levels of narrative and association, a state which is without doubt dependent on the parameters of the technical apparatus and the human element inherent to the programming of that apparatus. (Dr. Thomas Niemeyer)
The project consists of different stages:
0. Pre-Journey (2008)
I. Exploration Winter (March – April 2009)
II. Exploration Summer (Summer 2009)
III. Exploration Autumn (November – December 2009)
IV. Performance Tour 1 (January – March 2010)

V. Contemporary Dance Opera (January/February 2011)

VI. Contemporary Dance Production (January/February 2013)
Many thanks to Kristine Knudsen and Elisabeth Nesheim, who were an essential part of our team, for production, organization and support!

SpringerParker ARTIST RELATIONS MUSIC RELATIONS (Record label) contact Petra Rietz Salon Galerie, Berlin contact Butterfly Collectors
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