During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
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Visiting Rune Rautio

On short notice we were able to pay a visit to Rune Rautio, who has a private archive of documents about Finmark and the time of WW2. Being told lots of interesting stories and details about the topics regarding our project we are going to leave Kirkenes today and we are very much looking forward to do some research with Runes collection during our Summer Exploration.

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

We met Rune Rafaelsen, head of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. The most fascinating thing about Rune is, that he can tell you the history of the Sør Varanger Region (Kirkenes and beyond) in about 10 minutes, that was most impressing and filled a lot of gaps in our research. The Secretariat is dealing with all cross-border topics. Amongst other things, they are running the website www.barentsobserver.com.

Crackling and shifting

Soon the sun will dissapear behind the mountains. We are surrounded by the sound of the water pushing under the ice floes and lifting them up. Judging from the yells of the large flocks of seagulls over the nearby islands, they are as excited about that as we are.

Under the surface

We waited for the high tide to return. The little caves below the ice are the spots for field recordings.

Ice floes

What already strikes us from the distance, are the layers of ice floes, obviously caused by the changing of the tides.


This might be our last full day at Kirkenes, so we drove westwards again to pay a visit to the Neidenfjorden, which we already passed by yesterday. Some facts for today: sunrise 5:21 am, sunset 4:57 pm. Low tide: 1:53 pm, high tide: 7:49 pm. The difference between low and high tide will be about 2,84m. The temperature is slightly above zero degrees celsius.

Rallar'n Pub

This is the place where our Saturday evening ends ... and they are playing: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms ... Elvis - In the Ghetto ... Guns'n Roses - Sweet Child of Mine ... Good night!

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