During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
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Sámediggi, the Sámi Parliament

The parliament has an important role in representing the interests of the Sámi people. The building itself is most fascinating regarding its architecture and interior design. Rune Fjellheim gave us an insight into the unusual development of the Sámi culture during the last 60 years and he talked about how the climate change will affect its future. Right now, there is a delegation of the UN as guests of the house, talking about these topics. Did you know that there are over 100 ways in Sámi language to describe the condition of snow?

Arctic Indigenous Peoples facing Climate Change

We found an article from 2005 on the internet about "Arctic Indigenous Peoples facing Climate Change". We googled the author, Rune Fjellheim, who turned out to live in Karasjok. We contacted him and he agreed to meet us at his office at Sámediggi, the Sámi Parliament of which he is the director.

Sámiid Vuoká-Dávvirat - Sámi Museum

Irene Snarby of the Sámi Museum / Sámi Art Collection was so kind to show us around, to get deeper insight into Sámi culture. The photo was taken in front of a work of Sámi artist Iver Jåks (The Dance of the Gods, 1972), to whose works and story she also introduced us to.


The lights went out, every single one. Blackout in Karasjok. Never experienced this before. There are only stars.


We are sitting near the fireplace (lavvu), which is central to life for people in the Finnmark, as a place where they gather. The municipality flag of Karasjok shows three golden flames.

Sámi Artist Center

We met Maaike Halbertsma of the Sámi Artist Center and introduced the project. We are interested to learn more about the traditional Sámi form of singing, called Yoik. Since landscape is an essential part of our project, we are interested in a specific form of yoik, in which the yoiker transfers the essences of places into a song.


View over the frozen Kárá?johka. Karasjok holds the record of the coldest official temperature ever in Norway, which was -51.4 °C in January, 1886, nearly reached by January 1999 with -51.2 °C. Today it is nice and sunny, just below zero. We are on our way to the Sámi Artist Center, located outside the city center.

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