During their explorations and tours of the MEMORIA NORWAY project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis. It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website. Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.

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To cut a short story long

Quite satisfied, he vanished back into his office where he spent the next three hours to write the descriptions. Yes, we already had descriptions, but anyway. And he didn't even had a coffee-break, as he pointed out later, when the one page descriptions and the numerous print-outs of the photos had to be signed and we could finally continue our way towards Murmansk. Our impression: there are some things that could be improved here.

From dawn til dusk

This is the typical view we enjoyed today. We already wrote about the photos we took from our equipment and the Russian descriptions Luba wrote for it. Shortly after arriving at the Russian customs, Luba noticed, that the officers at the Norwegian customs accidentally took both copies of these papers, when we passed there a few minutes ago. Although the Norwegian building lies only a few hundred meters away, you are not allowed to go or drive back there. Luba called at the Norwegian side and asked, what to do. Neither the Russian nor the Norwegian officers were allowed to go to the other border post to get or deliver the documents, but the Norwegians offered us to give our documents to the next driver that will cross their post in our direction, which finally happened over one hour later. Luba handed in the long awaited documents, a moment later an officer came out and wanted us to follow him to the van, in his hand, a small digital camera. What for, you might ask, and so did we. He was not open for discussion and although he already got the approved and signed photos and documents, he wanted to do it by himself, and he took his time, while we had to unpack and present our equipment.

Towards Russia

We're starting early towards the Russian border which lies about 15 km from Kirkenes. We are driving with a small van and a Russian driver, who knows the roads very well. Luba is also with us, which we are very happy about, she is and speaks Russian and already has lots of experience with the procedures at the customs.

Ina & Kaja

This evening we invited Ina Bakka Sem-Olsen, an architect from Bergen and Kaja W. van Der Pas, an artist from Bergen, living in Amsterdam, to join us for a chat at the caravan. They are preparing their degrees and are collaborating on a project about shrinking cities. In a few days they will go to Nikel, which lies just around the corner in Russia. It is snowing heavily for hours now. While Kaja is performing a typical Norwegian snow dance, Ina is preparing a typical Norwegian snowball that will hit Springer a few seconds later.

Happy end

Lucky for us, somebody thought about bringing sausages. So, by the warmth of the campfire, it was a happy ending of a perfect day at the lake.


The skeptical look of a hound, that probably senses already, that we will come back empty-handed. But hey, it's all about the fun, right?


It is interesting to study the different techniques of how people are trying to catch dinner, from very plausible ones to some that looked rather desperately from the distance ... yes we're talking about you, Mari.


The first holes are drilled. When it's cold the fish are slow and lazy. The bait resembles a little fish trying to catch food, which is supposed to make other hungry fish jealous. At least this the theory as we understand it, but there is probably much more to it.

Perfect snowflakes

Everyone of us is covered with these perfect snowflakes. Amazing and beautiful.

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