During their explorations and tours of the MEMORIA NORWAY project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis. It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website. Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.

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These streets

Walking the snowy streets towards the city center. Luba, Kjetil, Parker, Springer.

Kjetil Magne Sørenes

Today we are having a luxurious vegan caravan noodle dinner with Kjetil Magne Sørenes and Luba. Kjetil is a reporter for the local newspaper Finnmarken, that you find in all places in this area. We already met him during the first days of the Barents Spektakel and he is a very good source for what's happening in and out of Kirkenes. Quite full up and by the wonderful taste of the last Mørketids-Øl, we are discussing a lot of things concerning the region.

ATA Carnet

After we spent most of the day with taking photos of our equipment and finding out its countries of origin, Luba is putting all the data in a list, that we will need at the customs to get our stuff over the border to Russia, where we will do our performance at the Murmansk Art Museum on wednesday next week. It is important to do this ATA Carnet very very properly. Luba once had to spend about 17 hours at the customs when bringing an exhibition to Murmansk, and we don't wanna beat this.

Johanne & Even

Surf&Turf, the place where we always end up sometime of these days, for a drink, for a meal or to talk and to use their wireless lan to surf. But by their name they actually refer to water and land or better to fish and meat. Joining us a lot of times: Johanne and Even. Both of them will take the flight back to Oslo tomorrow, it will be a sad good-bye after spending a lot of quality time together. See you soon in Oslo!

The Barents Institute

Svein Helge Orheim is the Administrative Manager of the Barents Institute, which was established in 2006. The Institute is not only a headquarter for researchers inside the Barents Regions, it has commenced its operation by engaging in several networks and joint research programmes with universities in the regions. By now, the Barents Institute has advised and supported about ten master students, from all over Norway and from NW Russia, to do studies on the Barents Region based at their various home universities. We've been there to tell about our project and to introduce some new project ideas of ours.


Wandering around in the streets. Someone really likes grey. And also forgot to take down the Christmas decorations, but that we saw a lot when driving through Scandinavia, maybe they manage to keep up the mood for a few months more.


After spending the morning at the police station, because someone bumped into our car the other night, we are out in Kirkenes to have a walk and a coffee at Surf&Turf. Outside the temperature is back to -15 degrees C. there has been some new snow falling, but they manage quite well to deal with it. And if a sidewalk is not cleared from snow, you just walk on the streets, like everyone else. Both of us are a bit tired from all the activities we had since New Years Day, so we will try to have a more quiet week to finally refill our batteries.


A little chill-out after a great festival, top: Eric Mutel, who built the snow labyrinth, Luba from Pikene på Broen and her neon-green anti-stress-rabbit, bottom: Parker, who really needs some sleep, Marina Yuzhaninova from the Northern Traveling Film Festival, Even Skår, musician from Oslo and member of the Norwegian Ornithological Society, Johanne Nome, who is doing the press information for Pikene på Broen and recently developed a thing for artificial sheeps, Springer, who really needs a new haircut.

Duolva Duottar

After watching one of the fascinating and charismatic singers for a long time, Duolva Duottar hit the stage and rocked the house. Dressed in the Sámi kofte, Duolva Duottar raps both in Norwegian and Sámi. The band became nationally known after their participating in Norway´s Got Talent 2008, where they almost made it to the top! Duolva Duottar´s energetic shows are perhaps some of the best from Finnmark!

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