During their explorations and tours of the MEMORIA NORWAY project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis. It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website. Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.

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Who put the H in Haparanda ?

Our longing for snow deeply fulfilled after yesterdays ride, we are facing a new day with a clear blue sky. Like on every trip, we will pass Haparanda which halfway through will turn into Torneo, while the clock will jump one hour forward.

The Sweden snowsaw massacre

Here they are very quick when it comes to getting the fresh snow off the streets, at least when it comes to the main routes. On the way we saw countless numbers of these snow ploughs, easily identified by the blinking orange lights. In front of this truck loaded with wood, there is a snowsaw driving, moving tons of snow aside. It's about -10 degrees C now, at a shop we saw a newspaper headline "snö kaos", well that sounds promising.

The beauty and the beast

Most of the time you cannot see the road at all. The whole ground is constantly moving. The streams of snow crystals in chaotic twirls look fascinating and beautiful and it's hard to resist following its flow.

Snowdrifts galore

It's snowing heavily, everything seems to be one gigantic snow drift. Our navigation system did not see this coming but now repays it by annoying us every two minutes with another drifting snow ahead warning. But we're already in the middle of that monster. It's not really cold though, only about -7 degrees C.

Meet Jennifer

"You asked for it" you might say. Ok, ok. It was snowing the night through and it doesn't look like it will stop. We got stuck in deep snow right in front of a gas station, but nothing that a nice Swedish girl with some handful of sand couldn't handle. While we are driving towards Kirkenes, there is a cyclone coming the exact opposite direction. Most likely, Germany will get its share of it soon. You will know her by the name of Jennifer, she's a cold one.

Good morning

There's nothing like waking up to see Golden Gate Jr. at Hornön.

Sundsvall at night

This time of the year, gas stations seem to transform into bars, diners, churches, townhalls ... We only needed diesel but it took us about 15 minutes to finally pay.


It's the fifth time we're passing by Stockholm during the last 18 months and every time it seems that it has grown since the time before.

Just can't get enough

For Germany this winter is probably the strongest one since 1978/79 and most people might be really sick of seeing trees covered in white, but driving here, we just can't get enough of these views.

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