During their explorations and tours of the MEMORIA NORWAY project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis. It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website. Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.

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On socks

We're about to start the performance. On socks by the way, caus these are the rules, the boots stay outside. Very common in Norwegian households, for a good reason.


Yesterday evening, we already drove towards our next location. Bonjákas is a village, a few kilometers from Tana Bru. They have a huge complex with schools, an agricultural school and a boarding school (internat). We're getting up early to be ready by 10.30 for we need at least 2 hours to build up. For both of us are a not the earlybird kind of guys, that view makes it a lot easier.

Future perspectives

The upper floor of Skansen features a very nice and huge cinema and theater place, but due to our current setup we had to chose the lower floor for the performance. After the performance, Parker is telling more about our project and experiences, and asking questions like how many of the young ones are seeing their future in the city and in the Finnmark. And a lot of them do.

Båtsfjord harbour

View towards the huge harbour, where a lot of Russian and Norwegian ships are anchored. Somehow similar to the situation in Kirkenes. One reason might be, that the Murmansk harbour was recently privatised and sold to several companies. Business therefore got so complicated, that a lot of shipping companies moved there ships to close-by Norwegian shores.


We have been told that the "Skansen" was built by the local men choir quite some years ago. When the city asked for money to build a house like this, it was rejected, so they built it themselves. Same with the road we drove on yesterday, same with the first airport and so on. People in this fisher town know how to get things done and they are rightly proud of it and also full of hope.

Good night Båtsfjord

We arrived in Båtsfjord and after a short round through the city, we parked next to the "Skansen", where we are going to play tomorrow. It is a huge white building on top of a hill, very visible from all parts of the city.

On the pass

The weather stayed with us and driving is easy as cake. Obviously, they also had a lot of snowfall during the last days but trucks are cleaning the pass every two hours. It's a pity that it is already so dark outside because a lot a people refer to this landscape as like driving on the moon.

Unknown territories

We're entering unknown territories. At least for us. Tor Johnny grew up somewhere around here.

On the road again

The weather situation looks quite good and we are very curious about the pass to Båtsfjord, because we've never been there before and don't know what will come and how the roads may be. But we will figure this out very soon.

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