During their explorations and tours of the MEMORIA NORWAY project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis. It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website. Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.

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Mari Boine

Today is the National day of the Sá¡mi. After some very interesting talks and presentations under the title "Sami me – Sami you" at the so called "Transborder Café" at "Ofelaš " we went out again to the Fjellhallen for a few concerts. Mari Boine, probably the most known artist from Norway is opening the evening. She has revitalized the Sá¡mi joik and modernized the Sá¡mi music, borrowing elements from jazz, rock and traditional folk music from different cultures. Her magical voice and unique musical expression describe the landscape of the Sá¡miland, and appeals to the vast audience across generations. In 2009 Mari Boine released her ninth studio album, Cuovgga Áirras (Sterna Paradisea), which is the result of her collaboration with the African and Norwegian musicians.

Into the labyrinth

Nord Rute is an Ambisonic narrative that is part folktale, part sonic documentary, part sound montage and part music performance. It is based on the poem No. 272 from the book The Sun, My Father by the renowned Saami poet, painter and musician Nils Aslak Valkeapää. The poem is about a reindeer herd on the move, and Nord Rute focuses around the annual reindeer migration of the Saami herders of Northern Norway. Loudspeakers are surrounding the labyrinth in which paths the audience can walk around during the one hour performance. We are particularly interested in the show, because in many parts it touches the topics and stories we also came across during our explorations and research.

Nord Rute

The world premiere of the "Nord Rute" outdoor performance is about to start at the Pavillion Park. Eric Mutel, who also did the light design, was working about three weeks to build the snow labyrinth, with the help of 5 volunteers from Murmansk and 5 local workers. The sound recordings and sound design was done by Ross Adams, music by Plaid from London. Artist and poet Synnøve Persen, who we visited during our last exploration near Stabbursdalen is going to recite from the center of the maze.

talk talk

Parker doing an interview with Copenhagen-based journalist Clemens Bomsdorf at the lower floor of the festival café "Surf&Turf", where the crew and participants of the festival are regularily served with fresh food. For Parker, they are even creating vegan dishes. To the right, producer Kristine Knudsen.

Memoria Norway Live Performance

The performance just started. Springer behind the custom-built light table from where the image collages are composed live and processed through our Memoria programming. Parker is live mixing and routing the sounds from the archives we created during our explorations to the Finnmark. On the very left side of the photo, a smiling Luba Kuzovnikova and with the blond hair behind Parker, Inger Blix Kvammen, both from the festival organisers Pikene på Broen. Photo © by Sergey Pribylskiy.

Visionary Artic Conference

We are going to play our audiovisual live performance at the Visionary Artic Conference, which started this morning. While the visual part is projected to the wall, the audience will be supposed to be able to walk around the circular setup of speakers to experience the mixed sound from different perspectives. Photo (detail) © Sergey Pribylskiy


After spending nearly the whole day building up our equipment for the Memoria Norway live performance, we are enjoying the wonderful concert of Hjaltalín from Iceland at the Fjellhallen. Two days ago the played a gig in Oslo and then flew over to Kirkenes. In Germany, their last CD "Sleepdrunk Seasons" was released by Haldern Pop Recordings. Tonight, they are also playing songs from their upcoming album, which we are very much looking forward to.

Kristine in an interview

We met journalist Hege Iren Hanssen at the lounge of the conference hotel. Together with our producer Kristine Knudsen, who flew over from Berlin and will stay here for the festival, we gave an interview about the Memoria Norway project and performance. It will be aired during the next days at the "Kulturnytt" programs on NRK radio. Kristine is Norwegian and works as a film producer in Berlin. She joined us for the project when it was started in 2008 and by organizing, budgeting and arranging meetings, she played a huge part in its successful development. And we always appreciate her motivational messages during the harder times of the project. Rock it!

The dinner after

The show was great and everyone was performing even more amazing than during rehearsals. And they never stopped performing, these spontaneous happenings took place numerous times during the dinner after. We're really happy and thankful for having been able to work and perform with this energetic bunch of brilliant artists and great people. When Johan stood up and said, that the five of us that come from other regions are now part of the circle of Arctic indigenous people, we felt truly touched and very proud.

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